Management in Creative Industry

(Opening in 2022/2023)

A capable leader is a prerequisite for a successful team.
This applies for marketing as well as for any media, communication, or online agency. Starting a project, building a team, leading people, selling ideas properly, drawing up a budget and managing it—that’s what we will teach you. During your studies, you will benefit from many opportunities on real-world contracts.
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As graduates of this field of study, you will be very much sought-after. You will have all the prerequisites to become a pillar of any marketing team, but also of communication, media or online agency. You can start up a project and build a team for it, analyze the situation and steer your people the proper way. You will be convinced that you can use your invention, originality and creativity even when compiling and managing a budget or selling ideas and concepts. Basic orientation in the social science disciplines and mastery of communication tools will give you confidence in any creative and managerial profession, because in the field of creative industry, it is already a must today. Extended lectures of English language will ensure your placement in multinational companies

Full-time Professional Bachelor’s Program:

Creative Marketing and Communication Program (Program Code: B0414P180001)

During your three years of study, you will learn both through theory and practice all aspects of work in the disciplines that can be put under the umbrella of creativity industry. This includes the field of advertising (both classic and online), film, television and radio production or gaming industry. Experienced educators and practitioners will not only guide you towards securing a successful career in these exciting disciplines, but they will also encourage you to become proactive, whether by starting your own company or agency or initiating projects.

This specialisation will give you the skills for coordinating and managing individuals in the field of marketing communications. The emphasis is on managerial skills, business management and business plan creation, whether within a corporation or a start-up. While working on joint projects you will also get acquainted with other areas of advertising arts, including creative disciplines and media research, as well as media campaign planning.

Control of marketing tools

Great emphasis is placed on mastering marketing tools in the context of commercial communication. Students will first get acquainted with the principles of operation of small and large companies and with various areas of the creative industry and complete an introduction to online marketing and brand theory. Within the sociological, psychological and historical disciplines, the students will consolidate their existing knowledge and learn to develop and use it in media and advertising. Right from the first year, they will start strengthening their communication and presentation skills. In the workshop of creative thinking, they will learn to perceive seemingly isolated phenomena in context, look at problems from different angles, generate and develop ideas and express their thoughts, reveal manipulations, but also use manipulative techniques.

Basics of brand management

Students will learn the basics of brand management and brand building. In a practically focused course, they try the work of a project manager, which includes research, creation of strategic visions and so-called insights (insight into the soul of the consumer). They will be introduced to tools for market research and consumer behavior. Students will acquire an overview of  social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.) and their use in performance advertising and brand building. They will try production work in various areas of the creative industry, learn everything they need to know about the implementation of the communication campaign and learn how to lead a team.

Active cooperation

In a practically focused course, students will try out the work of a communication manager, i.e., the person responsible for managing orders, finding new clients and taking care of existing ones. They will become acquainted with the rules of customer care in the digital environment and the specifics of advertising systems of individual media platforms. They will emabrace tools for measuring the efficiency of commercial communications. In addition to working on their bachelor’s thesis, students will prepare their portfolio and startup. In the third year, active cooperation with a selected sector of the creative industry is expected.

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Graduate employability

  • Marketing manager
  • Brand manager
  • Project manager
  • Account manager
  • Media planner
  • Strategic planner
  • Media buyer
  • Account director
  • Communications manager


Bachelor’s Degree Admission Requirements

The condition for beginning a university degree is a successful completion of the previous level of study. You need a secondary school graduation certificate and to pass an entrance interview to prove your study motivation.

Czech universities generally require students to have their previous studies recognized by the Czech authority. The process of recognition of previous studies is called “nostrifikace”.

Basic: 2 790 EUR

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Creative Marketing

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Management in Creative Industry

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