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  • THE ADMISSION INTERVIEW (consists of two parts):

1) The creative part is conceived as a conversation about your realized and planned author’s works.
Send a covering letter (letter of application) in English for the interview plus a list of such creative works that will confirm your talent for work in the creative industry (own text works, publications in a school magazine, clippings of published news or other genres in the press, or radio and television). Present projects of implemented and/or even unrealized promotional events (for example including photo documentation, samples of applied advertising means, etc.), evidence of active involvement (e.g., in the non-profit sector, voluntary or paid work with children and youth), which will prove your organizational skills. In short, everything that could convince the Admissions Committee that you are really suitable for studying at the Prague School of Advertising and that the school is just suitable for you. This profession is interdisciplinary, thus managerial, creative and communication disciplines are represented in it. Therefore, choose the composition of your portfolio of activities accordingly.

2) The discipline part will also take place as a dialogue, the topic of which, this time, will be your favorite books, films, personalities that inspire you, visited exhibitions, events, etc. We recommend that you prepare a list of them. You can also expect questions from the field of cultural-historical-political events in the 20th century and the English language, which aim to reflect your general study prerequisites.

You will find the results of the entrance examination the next day, after your registration in the University Information System (UIS) in the document repository, no later than one week after the actual examination. Applicants who receive a passing result and intend to study at the PSA will express themselves in a binding manner by filling in the Electronic Confirmation in UIS within five days, where it is then necessary to print the study contract and choose the type of tuition payment.

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