The Prague School of Advertising for international and Czech students as well, is a part of the University of Creative Communication (VŠKK) situated in Prague. In its activities, the Prague School of Advertising follows in more than 25 years of tradition and experience in educating students in the field of Visual and Advertising.

Prague School of Advertising will perfectly prepare you for a career in the creative industry. We focus on creative industries, marketing and advertising. We are a world-class institution! We are inspired by the model of Scandinavian and British schools.

Our Bachelor’s study program of Creative Marketing and Communication provides comprehensive education in the field of media and media communication, also putting stress on related social aspects. Significant emphasis is placed on practical and presentation skills. Students attend a number of creative workshops and seminars, including preparation of their own start-ups and working on real contracts.

Upon successful study completion, graduates are fully acquainted with current and emerging topics in the creative industry, together with its management, and are equipped with the right knowledge and skills in the areas of marketing communication, digital platforms, Internet trends and the structure of the media market.

The Prague School of Advertising graduate is a professional who perfectly masters his craft, modern technologies and self-promotion.

We are ready to prepare you for success!



,,Challenge accepted!“

After 25 years in the entertainment, media and motion picture industry with Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, spending 10 years as a Managing Director of Warner Bros. Czech Republic, I am highly delighted to be a part of The University of Creative Communication .

With a number of amazing professionals among our faculty and staff, it is truly a pleasure to transform the latest knowledge and trends from the creative industry, mass media and especially marketing communication sphere into a whole new teaching level.

My personal goal is to ensure students gain an unparalleled hands-on experience during the studies and do my best to support graduates in their future decisions, when choosing a follow-up study or a profession. The University of Creative Communication has become my matter of the heart and I strongly believe it becomes yours as well!




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